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Meet Me

As a wife, mother and grandmother, something shifted for me when my grade school daughters started getting rashes and aliments that seemed to come out of the blue. After some intensive searching, I discovered the root causes were tied to harmful chemicals in many of the everyday products we were  using. Thus, the beginning of my over three-decade journey of researching and applying ways to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Here I am now in my 'senior years' very healthy and active.  I love all things crafting as you can see by my gathering of Sugar Pine Cones. When I'm not out taking a walk in Nature, you can find me in my garden. I really enjoy growing my own food and then cooking them up in recipes I have tweaked to make a little healthier. But my greatest joy comes from sharing and encouraging others so they too can have a life filled with better health, joy and laughter.

I look forward to meeting you,

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