Ways to Use Essential Oils for Managing Your Emotions and Mood

Did you know that by using aromatherapy for emotional benefits, you can harness the power of essential oils to help you quickly and effectively deal with the variety of emotions you experience on a daily basis.

Once you’ve chosen an essential oil that will help you manage your emotions and/or enhance your mood, (see list of oils) there are countless ways to apply the oil for mood management success. You don’t need to be a scientist or essential oil professional to take advantage of the emotional benefits that essential oils hold. There are just a few simple rules:
Remember, essential oils work differently for everyone. What works for me may not work for you. And what works for you may not work for me.
  • Experiment - Discover your favorite oils
  • Incorporate oils into your personal routine 
  • Consistency will give you better results
  • And practice other healthy habits as well
  • If you need more help seek it
Here are some ideas of ways to use essential oils for emotional health:

Place a few drops of your chosen oil in an essential oil diffuserand diffuse in rooms where you want to promote feelings of peace, energy, or positivity (your bedroom, office, study area, etc.).
Use a spray bottle to spritz essential oils over your clothing and enjoy the aroma throughout the day. 
Place one to two drops of oil on your hands, rub the palms together, cup your hands over your nose, and breathe deeply to experience the emotional benefits of the oil.
Diffuse your essential oil of choice during your morning meditation or yoga practice.

Use calming, soothing, and grounding essential oils during your next massage to promote relaxation and enhanced emotions.
Rub uplifting essential oils on the bottoms of the feet in the morning to promote invigorating, energizing feelings, or rub calming essential oils on the bottoms of the feet before going to bed to promote peace and relaxation.  
Apply essential oils to the temples, shoulders, and neck to experience the mood-enhancing benefits as you inhale the aroma.
Add a few drops of a relaxing, grounding, or soothing essential oil to a warm bath.
Place a few drops of an essential oil on the floor during your shower (away from the water path), and breathe deeply.
Apply essential oils topically before physical activity to promote energizing, uplifting feelings.
Spritz calming essential oils over your pillows and bedding to help promote peaceful thoughts as you go to sleep.

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