How to Deal with Stress to Improve Your Metabolic Health

Stressful events are a part of life. Unfortunately, these last several year have put so many people in a constant heightened emotional state and maybe you are still there. 
You may not be able to change your current situation, but you can take steps to manage the impact these events have on you.

Learning to handle stress will help you:
  • feel less anxious
  • elevate your mood
  • balance your hormones
  • promote restful sleep
  • restore clarity and focus
  • feeling more grounded
It will increase your overall well-being which will help improve your metabolic health and have a better aging process.

This will be a work in progress so don’t look for perfection. That will just add more anxiety. Instead look for awareness. As you are able to identify what causes your stress and how to take care of yourself physically and emotionally, you will be in better control on a day-to-day basis.
Why & How Aroma has such a Powerful Affect on Emotional Wellness
The olfactory system is connected to the limbic system, an area of the brain where memories and emotions are stored.
The limbic system produces a distinct response to the aroma based on memories that are associated with a particular smell – creating a rush of feelings that follow.
It is also scientifically known that just smelling an aroma, stimulating that limbic region can release a happy chemical.
The power of aroma is profound. That’s why when you smell a fresh loaf of bread or apple pie, it reminds you of your grandma’s kitchen.
AROMA Can Disrupt Negative Emotions.
Aroma instantaneously prompts powerful emotional, physiological, and biochemical responses with your body and can help calm and uplift a mood.
Some facts:
  • Men experience over 65,000 thoughts per day, women experience over 85,000 thoughts per day.
  • 90% of those thoughts are the same as the day before. What you were thinking & stressing about yesterday is the same as today. You are having the same thoughts over & over & they are ruining your world.
  • The majority of thoughts are negative.
 We have the power through neuroscience to rewire our brain, to focus on something different. How awesome is it that we have the tools to disrupt those negative thought.

The Power of Aromatherapy
  • Disrupts negative thoughts
  • Bring yourself back to center
  • Restore overall well-being
  • Stimulate happy chemicals
Learn how to harness this power of aroma using essential oils.

Are you getting your daily dose of Happy?
There are several hormones and chemicals that your body will naturally release to give you a dose of happy when you experience certain situations.
Dopamine  - can be a good or bad thing. Released when
  • Reaching goals – set yourself some daily mini goals like making your bed first thing when you get up
  • Being praised – haven't been getting any praise from others - praise yourself, you deserve it! Look into your eyes in mirror and tell yourself something positive
  • Social media – this can be good or bad so set the tone and use it for good, give people hearts not just a thumbs up. You prorbably feel good when someone does it on your posts
  • Addictions – can be a negative but you can have good ones, like mine - an addition to living a healthy lifestyle
Oxytocin – released with
  • Physical Touch – a 20 second or longer hug will release Oxytocin, so hang on a little longer and you will both benifit
  • Perform Acts of Service - do random Acts of Kindness or volunteer in your community
  • Receiving an act of service
  • Connection to God

Serotonin –a  chemical most people are lacking when suffering from sadness. It is released when 
  • Feeling valued
  • Recognition
  • Team work - working in a group there are more congratulations given, pats on the back and high-fives
  • Sunshine - aim for 10 minutes daily
  • Affirmations - a great way to also work at reprograming your brain with positivity, start with 'I am so happy & grateful that___' Practice at least twice a day. This will take time but it does work, connect with me to learn more.
Endorphins – released from
  • Exercising - How to Improve Your Metabolic Health with Movement
  • Laughing - watch funny movies, silly animal videos or joke websites
  • Chocolate - here is another reason to have another piece!
  • Stress - yep it releases endorphins, just don’t want to be chronically stressed because that will release Cortisol which will counteract the Happy Chemicals.
More Stress management strategies include:
Eating a healthy diet - How to Improve Your Metabolic Health
Practicing relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, or meditation - Deep Breathing has also been studied and proven to boost serotonin levels & stimulate the release of endorphins. Use in conjunction with essential oils for even better results - Reduce Anxiety with the Combo of Mindful Meditation and Essential Oils 
Keeping a journal and writing about your thoughts or what you're grateful for in your life - Practice Being Grateful for these Emotional Benefits
Fostering healthy friendships and talking with friends and family –  How Do Healthy Connections Improve Your Metabolic Health?

I hope you found some helpful tips here.  Tell me in the comments what one you will be doing. When you do, you will be helping me and you to get a dose of the Happy Chemicals.

Blessings for Health, Joy & Laughter

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